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'Pindam' Trailer: Multiple evil spirits torture kids!


Ahead of the release of 'Pindam' on December 15, the makers today unveiled a horror-filled trailer that attempts to give a sneak peek into the nature of the film. The trailer, at more than 3 minutes 40 seconds, begins with Srinivas Avasarala's character rhetorically wondering if troubled spirits can harm humans. We then see a family, led by Sriram's character, rent an old-style house where eerie incidents start unfolding. A mute girl child starts hearing unexplained whispers in the middle of the night. The dread on the faces of an old woman and two kids draws us into the world of 'Pindam'. The 'Someone is hiding there in the corner' mood envelops the trailer.

It is revealed through Easwari Rao's character that, not one but multiple spirits are haunting the place and torturing the family. They have one day and one muhurtham to fob off the evil spirits. If they fail to race against time, the family will have to prepare for a life of scares for another year.

The makers say that the cinematography, unique lighting techniques, music and sound design have been designed to give genuine scares that avoid inauthentic gimmicks.

Directed by Saikiran Daida, the film also features Ravi Varma, Kushee Ravi and others. Producer Yeshwanth Daggumati recently stated that, right from the start, the film creates a sense of horror. "That way, 'Pindam' is the first Telugu movie in recent years to have the highest number of scary scenes. You can expect jump scares often. The sound design is out of the box. The director and the cinematographer worked in tandem. We have tried new camera angles," he added.