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There is a scary block every 10 minutes in 'Pindam': Makers


'Pindam' is one of those new-age horror thrillers inspired by a horrific grandma tale. Directed by newcomer Saikiran Daida, its teaser has garnered a wow response from the audience.

The makers have described 'Pindam' as a horror-thriller replete with a scary moment or scene every 10 minutes. The director's grandma once narrated a gruesome incident, something that inspired the story of this movie.

Interestingly, eerie incidents were experienced on the sets of 'Pindam' in the making stage. Inexplicable happenings were sought to be thwarted with the help of 'dishti' but to no avail. (Think of 'Chandramukhi', which too was in the news for similar reasons).

The execution-related problems were preceded by casting-level challenges, especially because 'Pindam' features a few children. "Making them perform in front of the camera was not easy at all," Daida says.

Actor Sriram (also referred to as Srikanth by some) of 'Roja Puvvu' fame is playing a protagonist. "The director's clarity of thought helped matters. He didn't infuse commercial elements. He made 'Pindam' as a true-blue horror thriller devoid of unnecessary ingredients," Sriram says.

Actor-director Srinivas Avasarala has a thoughtful, dignified role in 'Pindiam', which he says helped him gain knowledge. "It was a learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. Screenplay is always the backbone of any film and 'Pindam' will surprise you," he says.

Easwari Rao's character is going to be special, the makers suggest. Kavi Siddartha, one of the writers, suggests that 'Pindam' evolved over a period of time. "The plot turns will surely interest you," he says.

Then there is Kushee Ravi, who will be seen as a pregnant woman. "My stretch pertains to the story that takes place in the '90s. I had to put on weight to look the part. I ate well to look weighty. I had to look like a slightly obese woman from a different decade," she says.

The film's story is set in three timelines: the present, the 1930s, and the 1990s.