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Check Movie Review

'Check' has released in theatres today (February 26). Helmed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti, it had set the expectations high among a section of viewers with its teaser and trailer. In this section, we are going to review the latest box-office release.

Balamitra Movie Review

Suspense thrillers have had a very good success rate these days. Many producers have realized that it is a 'minimum guarantee' genre. If the genre is coupled with the right kind of screenplay, it is sure to shake the box-office. 'Bala Mitra' is a suspense thriller to the core. While the title reminds us of Chandamama stories, the film's teaser, trailer and other promotional material indicated otherwise. The makers of the film kept saying that the title is classy and that the film will entertain all sections of the audience. They have released the film today (February 26). Here is our review of the latest box-office release.

Kapatadhaari Review

'Kapatadhaari' has released in theatres this Friday. This is an official remake of a Kannada film that actor Sumanth has opined is part of a new wave in Sandalwood. Expectations from crime dramas are not high from the mass audience. But the discerning ones take them seriously. What does this film have in store? Let's take a look in this review.


Chakra Review

'Chakra' has released in theatres today (February 19). Contrary to what many are thinking, it is not a sequel to 'Abhimanyudu'. The film is a cyber-crime thriller and is directed by debutant MS Anandan. Here is our review:

Naandi Review

'Naandhi' released in theatres on Friday (February 19). Produced by Satish Vegesna and directed by a debutant, it is one of the most serious films that Allari Naresh has done in his career. Does 'Naandhi' strike the right chord? Is it a watchable crime-courtroom drama? We are going to tell you in this review.

Review: Uppena

'Uppena' is out in the theatres. Mythri Movie Makers has produced it with prestige and the film's medium-range popularity has received so much boost from all the pre-release hype about its content. What does 'Uppena' have in store? Is it worth a watch? Does it live up to all the big talk? Find out in our review.


Review: FCUK

'FCUK' is out in the theatres, competing with the bigger release, 'Uppena'. The trailer suggested that it's a family entertainer and a comedy-drama involving a father and a son. What is 'FCUK' all about? Is it worth a watch with the family? Let's find out.

Review: Zombie Reddy

'Zombie Reddy' has released in theatres today (February 5). Although the element of coronavirus may make us believe that the story was conceived after the onset of Covid-19, the film had admittedly gone on the floors before the virus became a household name in India in February, 2020. Writer-director Prashanth Varma has come up with a coronavirus-meets-zombie genre-Seema factionalism story. Does the film live up to the expectations?

30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela Movie Review

'30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela' today released in theatres after a delay of about 10 months. Since it is the debut movie of TV anchor Pradeep Machiraju, there has been a certain level of curiosity in the movie among a section of the audience. A rom-com directed by a newcomer, what does the film have in store? Is it worth a watch? Let's find out.


Bangaru Bullodu Review

'Bangaru Bullodu' has released in theatres today (January 23). Coming as it does after the largely successful Sankranthi releases (with the exception of 'Alludu Adhurs'), the film is the first notable post-festival release of the year. Its trailer suggested that it is a typical comedy film whose male lead has shades of grey. Does the entertainer live up to expectations? Here we tell you all in our review.

Alludu Adhurs Movie Review

'Alludu Adhurs' has released in theatres today (Jan 14). This one has been suspected to be a clone of 'Kandireega'. As it is, several Tollywood directors are known to obsessively stick to their favourite hits. Is this one different? Does the film have the potential to rake in the moolah at the box-office. We tell you all in our review.

Red Movie Review

'RED' has released in theatres today (January 14). Starring Ram Pothineni in dual roles, the film is a remake of 'Thadam' (Tamil). What does the film have in store? Does it pack thrills? Is it worth a watch? Here we tell you in our review.

Master Movie Review

'Master', starring Thalapathy Vijay in the lead, has released in theatres today (January 13). In the post-lockdown phase, this is the biggest theatrical release in India. And the bookings are said to be huge in the Telugu States as well. Originally made in Tamil, the film has released all-over India, with dubbed versions playing in Malayalam (an important market for Vijay), Hindi and Kannada. In this section, we are going to review the massive Bogi release.

Krack Movie Review

'Krack', starring Ravi Teja in the lead, has released late Saturday in parts of Telugu States. Touted to be the biggest release in the career of Mass Maharaja, this pre-Sankranthi release aims to attract the entertainment-hungry crowds. Does the mass film live up to the expectations? Is it worth a watch? Here we tell you in our review.

Solo Brathuke So Better Review

'Solo Brathuke So Better' is now playing in theatres in the Telugu States. The film was scheduled to release on May 1. It has released for Christmas and is the first major Telugu film to release in a post-lockdown phase. We hereby present its review:

Guvva Gorinka Review

'Guvva Gorinka' is the latest direct Amazon Prime release this month. After 'Bombhaat' and 'IIT Krishnamurthy', this is the third film to come out on the streaming giant. Its trailer had given a clue about the nature of the lead pair's characters. What does the rom-com have in store? Is it worth a watch? Find out in our review.

IIT Krishnamurthy Movie Review

'IIT Krishnamurthy', now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, is directed by Sree Vardhan. What does the thriller have to offer? Is it worth a watch? Find out in our review.

Bombhaat Movie Review

'Bombhaat' is a romantic sci-fi that is now streaming on Amazon Prime. The Telugu-language film, written and directed by Raghavendra Varma, belongs to a rare genre. How does it treat the genre? Is it worth a watch? Let's find out.

Andhakaaram Movie Review

'Andhakaaram', directed by V Vignarajan, is dubbed from Tamil. Now streaming on Netflix, the film is the latest OTT release. Released amid low expectations, the film features unfamiliar actors. Let's find out what the thriller has to offer.

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

'Middle Class Melodies' is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The small-budgeted movie, produced by Bhavya Creations, is one of the few direct-to-streamer releases of the year. In this review, we tell you what the film is like and what to expect and not to expect from it.

Anaganaga O Athidhi Movie Review

'Anaganaga O Athidhi' is now streaming on Aha. Starring Payal Rajput in the lead, the web film is just a 92-minute outing. Made in just 20 days flat during the pandemic, 'AOA' has released amid low expectations. Here is what we thought about the thriller.

CommitMental Web Series Review

'CommitMental', starring Udhbav Raghunanda and Punarnavi Bhupalam, is now streaming on Aha. Here is our review of the romantic comedy.

Aakasam Nee Haddu Raa Movie Review

'Aakasam Nee Haddu Raa', starring Suriya and others, is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Dubbed from Tamil and produced by Suriya himself, the film has been touted to be an action thriller. "Action" here may not mean stunts but something else. The film does live up to its description of a thriller, although there is really nothing suspenseful about the ending. Find out what the film is about in our re

Gatham Movie Review

'Gatham', directed by indie filmmaker Kiran Reddy based in the US, is premiering on Amazon Prime Video. Made over two years, the film is a psychological thriller. The sub-genre is quite popular in Hollywood. The writer-director has made a true-blue genre film. Is the film worth a watch? Find out!

Miss India Movie Review

'Miss India', starring Keerthy Suresh, started premiering on Netflix India from midnight of November 3. Directed by Y Narendra Nath, the film is produced by Mahesh S Koneru. Does the film have the calibre to win the audience's hearts? Let's find out.