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'HIT 2' is riveting, thoroughly entertaining: Makers


The pre-release event of 'HIT 2' was held in Hyderabad on Monday. SS Rajamouli was the chief guest on the occasion. The film hits the cinemas on December 2.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajamouli said, "Making a franchise is not a joke, especially in the crime thriller genre. I think this is the first time it has happened in India. Vishwak Sen of 'HIT 1' and Adivi Sesh of 'HIT 2' have brought so much energy to the franchise. I loved the trailer of 'HIT 2', especially the BGM. The thriller genre has to raise curiosity through the trailer. And director Sailesh Kolanu is on track, undoubtedly. I am sure there are going to be many more films in this franchise. And, hopefully, they will be released around the same season of the year so that the season becomes synonymous with 'HIT'."

The 'Baahubali' director said that 'HIT 2' is going to be a quality product that Tollywood can be proud of.

Natural Star Nani, who has produced the movie, said, "We have made a gripping thriller with so much love. Sesh is an intelligent actor. And it is fitting that Sailesh, who was a scientist before he entered the film industry, is fond of research. Rajamouli garu has attended this event first thing after returning from abroad. Despite his back-breaking schedule, he didn't skip it using the excuse of tiredness. He is the most handsome director out there. When you watch 'HIT 2', you will find out who is the hero of 'HIT 3'."

Adivi Sesh said, "Rajamouli sir, Sobhu sir and others have always been there for me. I thank my co-stars for making me a better actor. Today's guests have a commonality: we are all outsiders who have made it in the film industry. I learned a lot working on 'Baahubali' with Rajamouli sir. It was like going to a film school. It's a very important moment for me that he is the chief guest of a film in which I have acted. With the right work ethic, we can create confidence in ourselves among the audience. I always strive hard to impress the audience. The 'HIT' universe is a grand vision. I am going to be a part of 'HIT 3' as well. 'HIT 2' is a riveting film. We will keep your confidence alive. You will be thoroughly entertained and thrilled. 'HIT 2' is going to be dubbed in Hindi and its release date announced in theatres. I urge everyone not to post spoilers and twists on social media."