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Premalo Padithe - Press Meet

‘Premisthe’ fame Balaji Sakthivel’s film which is being produced by Suresh Kondeti under S K Pictures banner has finalized the title.

The title has been finalized for Suresh Kondeti’s production venture under S K Pictures banner. The Telugu version of this Balaji Sakthivel’s directorial venture is titled as ‘Premalo Padithe…’. Noted director Linguswamy is the presenter of this film. In a press meet held in Hyderabad, Linguswamy said, “This movie would be on par with ‘Premisthe’ that has earlier come in the combination of Balaji Sakthivel and Suresh Kondeti. Balaji immensely impressed us with a fantastic story, hence we decided to go ahead with this project. I wanted to release this film in Telugu through Suresh Kondeti. It was Suresh Kondeti who selected the title ‘Premalo Padithe…’. Balaji and I liked the title and felt that it’s aptly suitable for the story. Suresh Kondeti will shortly deliver yet another feel good film to the Telugu audience. We are planning to release this movie on May 4th in Tamil and Telugu. This movie will earn me a good name as a presenter of this film when compared to my earlier films as a director.”

Director Balaji Sakthivel said, “This is the story of two pairs. Right from the start to end of the film two pairs will be travelling. This movie would attract the family audience just like the film ‘Premisthe’.”

Suresh Kondeti said, “We selected the aptly suitable title ‘Premalo Padithe…’ for this film. After ‘Premisthe’, this is my next film. The film showcases the present generation’s behavior and deals with what kind of problems they face due to falling in love at wrong age. Balaji Sakthivel also gives a message to the youth by highlighting every scene in the film. I’m very happy for getting the opportunity to deliver one such good film to the Telugu audience. We are doing a special title song for the Telugu audience.”

Co-producer M Rajasekhar said, “All characters in this film are very natural and can be related to our daily lives. I’m confident that this movie will become a bigger hit than ‘Premisthe’. This story will be a trend setter for many more films in the near future. We are releasing this film on May 4th in Telugu and Tamil. I hope the Telugu audience will watch and bless us for the kind of attempt we are making.”