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'Thaggede Le' is a two-hero thriller involving gangs and cops: Naveen Chandra


'Thaggede Le', a new-age crime thriller starring Naveen Chandra and directed by Srinivas Raju, is hitting the cinemas on October 28. Also featuring Ravi Shankar, Divya Pillai and Ananya Sengupta, the film has Nagababu, Danny Kuttappa, Ravi Kale, Makarand Deshpande, Ayyappa Sharma, Naveen Chandra, Pooja Gandhi, and Raja Ravindra in key roles. In this interview, Naveen Chandra (whose 'Ammu' started streaming on Amazon Prime Video today) talks about the thriller, what is unique about it, and more.

During the lockdown, I was apprehensive that I might not get adequate work. That's when 'Thaggede Le' came my way. Director Srinivas Raju at first narrated a romantic thriller involving a married couple. He has previously made the 'Dandupalyam' series and wanted to retain some of those elements. That's how 'Thaggede Le' shaped into a different story. There are gangs, there is violence.

You could say that this is a two-hero film. Ravi Shankar garu is the first hero of the film, you could say. Love and vengeance are the most important elements of the story.

The title has been borrowed from the famous punchline of 'Pushpa', as you all know. I play a character who doesn't leave any clues. The screenplay is unique, doused in the sort of treatment that RGV is known for. Raja Ravindra garu has got a vital role. The story revolves around a pair, a cop and a Dandupalyam gang. They take off as three separate threads and converge at a point. The film is also getting released in Kannada.

The film begins with a murder mystery involving my character. A murder takes place in his home without his knowledge. The police enter the fray to investigate. How the cops take control of my character, and how the story takes off from there is what the film is about.

The film has got cinematography by Venkat Prasad. Charan Arjun's music and Garry BH's editing are also counted on.

Updated on October 19, 2022