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Interview of Naveen Chandra about 'Mosagallu'


Naveen Chandra awaits the release of 'Mosagallu' this March 19. In this interview, he talks about his role in the movie, his upcoming movies, his satisfaction as an actor and more.

I look to be part of good stories. After years of struggle, I am finally getting tailor-made roles. 'Mosagallu' is based on a real-life scam of humongous proportions. It ran into Rs 2,88 Cr.

I will be seen as the cousin of Vishnu Manchu and Kajal Aggarwal. He is a daring guy who can do anything to save the duo. The scam is planned by Navadeep, while my character executes it. He is a wild character who can't control himself. He is a drug addict. He steals iPhones and mechanical parts. He knows how to do groundwork and game the policing system. He knows the loopholes in the system.

When my character is not drugged, he is not smart. I enjoyed myself playing the character. Whenever I am on screen, I am explosive. For me, my cousins are important. Kajal, despite being my sister in the film, doesn't know how I behave in a given situation. He is a violent guy. I was in a particular state of mind while doing the film. I practised method acting.

The most interesting part of 'Mosagallu' is how the culprits game the system, play a 'catch me if you can' play game and eventually get caught. The police enters the scene to investigate the scam because of me. There is a strong link between my character and Suneil Shetty's.

Director Jeffrey Chin, despite being an American, has set up the film as an Indian film.

When I became an actor, I wanted to play all kinds of characters. Different directors have given me a variety of characters. 'Aravindha Sametha' had a huge casting, yet my performance got noticed. In 'Evaru', too, my performance was noticed. I am satisfied as an actor. Recently, I did 'Pataas' with Tamil. I played a 45-year-old boxer in that movie.

I am picking only characters that have a strong role in the story. In Varun Tej's 'Ghani', which has a huge cast, I play a role where I am part of the story. I will be doing a few films in Tamil after completing my current assignments in Telugu. I am doing a web series for Arka Media, a movie each for Lucky Media and UV Concepts.

I am continuously working these days from 6 am every day. During the lockdown, I kept wondering what next. I am working on three films at a time. In 'Mosagallu', I have played a character whom you will love watching even though you wouldn't like him.

Updated on March 8, 2021