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'Guntur Kaaram' leaves Kushitha Kallapu hurt


Social media influencer Kushitha Kallapu has said that she was hurt after watching 'Guntur Kaaram' last month. What is the big deal? Lakhs were hurt by the film, right?

Well, Kushitha's hurt is personal. She had shot for the Trivikram directorial for four days alongside a few other artists. And her scenes didn't find a place in the final edit.

Speaking at an event on Monday, Kushitha said that she did ask the makers about the removal of her scenes. They gave her no reason.

It's quite common for scenes to end up on the cutting room floor during the final editing process. If the overall running time of the film becomes excessive or if a particular scene or episode is perceived to disrupt the pacing, the director and/or editor make the decision to remove them.

Kushitha awaits the release of 'Babu No. 1 Bullshit Guy' on March 8.