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Talented director says 'HanuMan' outshines his film


In 2004, director Krishna Vamsi made a film titled 'Sri Anjaneyam'. The fantasy action film starred Nithiin as a devotee of Hanuman, while Arjun Sarja was cast as Lord Hanuman in human form. At that time, owing to the high expectations from the film, it didn't do well at the box office even though Nithiin's performance was very good and some of the scenes involving him and Arjun were conceived creatively.

The other day, a Telugu movie buff opined that the audience were immature in rejecting such a movie. "I found 'Sri Anjaneyam' better than the recent 'HanuMan'," the cinegoer wrote. Director Prasanth Varma's Sankranthi release is a blockbuster of sorts.

Krishna Vamsi reacted to the tweet in his style. He said that the audience are never wrong. He gave them the benefit of the doubt and implied that his making was probably not right. "Audiences are never wrong… If they didn’t like it, there may have been a mistake or problem with reachability… so don’t blame the audience, sir… maybe I was wrong at some portions (sic)," he wrote.

Back in the day, the expectations from Nithiin were different after a film like 'Jayam'. Also, 'Sri Anjaneyam' suffered from tonal inconsistency. The VFX was compared with that of Kodi Ramakrishna's movies.