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'Yendira Ee Panchayithi' Teaser: Love story snapped by a murder


'Yendira Ee Panchayithi' is going to hit the cinemas soon. Its teaser is out. Touted to be a suspenseful love story set in rural Seema, the film is directed by newcomer Gangadhara T.

Going by the teaser the male lead (played by Bharat Bade) is accused of killing the sarpanch. His blossoming love story with the female lead (Vishika Laxman) goes for a toss after the police arrest him. Will the hero redeem himself? Who is behind the murder? That's what is the crux of the story.

The makers say that the lead performances, the situational songs, and the plot are the film's biggest merits. Thotapalli Madhu seems to have played an unscrupulous man who doesn't know where to hide his ill-gotten wealth. Kasi Viswanath plays the heroine's father.

With cinematography by Satish Masam and music by PR (Peddapalli Rohit), the film has editing by JP. The dialogues have been penned by Venkat Palwai and Priyanka Erukala. The film's release date will be made official soon.