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Allu Sirish buddies with a teddy bear in 'Buddy'


'Buddy' is the title of Allu Sirish's upcoming release. Co-starring Ajmal Amir, Prisha Rajesh Singh, Mukesh Kumar and Mohammed Ali, the film is directed by Sam Anton and produced by Kollywood's star producer KE Gnanavelraja along with Aadhana Gnanavelraja.

The film's first glimpse gives the impression that it is an action entertainer with a teddy bear at the centre of the plot. A combat scene set inside a Metro rail forms the crux of the glimpse. Allu Sirish makes a heroic entry to save a carefree teddy bear whose head is wanted by a bunch of blood-thirsty baddies.

Why is the teddy wanted? Why is there a huge cash reward for its elimination? Will they manage to assassinate the cute creature? It will be interesting to see what genre the film will turn out to be eventually.

With music by Hip Hop Adhi of 'Dhruva' fame, the film is edited by Ruben. Sakthi Saravanan is its stunt choreographer, while Sai Hemanth has written it.