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Sid Sriram, Sundeep Kishan make 'Ooru Peru Bhairavakona' song special


'Ooru Peru Bhairavakona' is the title of Sundeep Kishan's supernatural fantasy directed by Vi Anand. Starring Kavya Thapar and Varsha Bollamma in key roles, the film's first song was unveiled today.

Titled 'Nijame Ne Chebutunna', the Shekhar Chandra-composed song has been crooned by Sid Sriram. Shree Mani is the lyricist of this predominantly romance-themed song.

What a romantic song is doing in a fantasy film is something only time will tell. For now, the tuneful song is impressing the listeners.

Producer Razesh Danda recently said that the film is CG -heavy. "It was always expected that 'OPB' would need a high budget. The script very much demands it. I am not taking any risk, I believe. I am not selling the movie to distributors as yet even though there is demand in the market. I will seal the deals after the teaser comes out. 'OPB' is fun to watch, and has a grand scale... It will be a pakka VI Anand-style fantasy. We are planning to release the movie in June or July," he recently added.