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Prakash Raj says he has been losing movie offers


Prakash Raj may be busy down South but he hasn't been strong in Bollywood. As per him, he has been shooed away by Bollywood because of his anti-BJP and anti-Modi political utterances.

In a recent interview, the actor said that many artists and filmmakers don't want to work with him because they fear his anti-government image might negatively affect them. Prakash Raj has been trolled by BJP supporters, most of them Bollywood movie-watchers, since 2017 or so.

"A lot of other actors are silent (about the BJP) and I don’t blame them because they can’t afford it. They will be pushed and there is no point for them to tolerate that. They won’t survive (if they go against the government),” he has been quoted as saying by Indian Express.

A Netizen recently wrote, "Prakash Raj is pro-TRS in Hyderabad. He speaks only against the BJP and has no dashing opinions against other parties."