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Post 'RRR', divisions and fighting increases


'Roudram Ranam Rudhiram', the two-hero movie, was expected to bring rivalrous fans together. It hasn't happened. This has been proven more than adequately by the no-holds-barred abuse of Jr NTR and Ram Charan by the fans of Charan and Jr NTR, respectively.

Kota Srinivas Rao's recent comments have brought out the fissures in the open once again. Kota commented that Charan has made it to this stage because of his father. On the other hand, Kota hailed Tarak in unambiguous terms, calling him the best actor among the current crop of heroes.

And this has been an occasion for fanboys to indulge in abuses. Charan's fans are proudly claiming that 'RRR' belongs to Mega Power Star. Their view is that SS Rajamouli has reduced Tarak to a side artist in the second half of the film.

On the other hand, Tarak's fans, backing Kota's views, are thundering that Charan is a below-average actor who shouldn't be compared with the Nandamuri actor.

Unprintable abuses have been hurled at the heroes, with Charan's fans body-shaming Tarak. As revenge, Tarak's fans are putting out the posters of 'Toofan', Charan's disastrous Bollywood debut. They, too, are body-shaming Charan.

'RRR' has not mended relations between fans. They are as divided as before!