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How much do Telugu star heroes really charge?


In a recent interview, GA2 Pictures' Bunny Vas (who is experienced and is close to the Allu camp) commented that Bollywood is learning from Tollywood in terms of controlling budget and wisely spending funds on production. Here are his words:

"The hero and director's remuneration in Tollywood is just 30% of the total budget. We spend the rest on production. That's why South Indian film industries are bringing out quality films. Bollywood is slowly following the southern culture in order to ensure good quality films are brought out."

This week, we are listening to the opposite. Top-tier producers are said to be upset with the high remunerations charged by heroes. They have been trying to convince heroes to slash their fees. It's being said that the remunerations paid to the hero and director are more than 60% of the total budget in some cases.

We are hearing conflicting narratives. Where does the truth lie? Usually, in cases where extremes are heard, the truth lies somewhere in between.