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'Gaalodu' is a full-on mass commercial entertainer: Sudigali Sudheer


Sudigali Sudheer's 'Gaalodu', directed by Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla, is releasing in theatres this Friday (November 18). In this interview, the 'Jabardasth' entertainer suggests that the film tries to portray him as an action hero with versatility. Starring Gehna Sippy as the heroine, the film also features Saptagiri, Shakalaka Shanker, Sathya Krishna and Prudhviraj. C Ram Prasad's cinematography, 'Wing Chu' Anji's action choreography and Bheems Ceciroleo's music are also talked about.

I was attracted to the story of the film. And I also liked how my character has been designed. Those factors made me want to headline 'Gaalodu'. What happens when a happy-go-lucky idler gets into trouble in a small town? What happens when his problems get worse in the city? What happens when he also has a girlfriend? Our film narrates its story with twists and turns.

'Gaalodu' is a mass commercial entertainer. I won't call it a novel story but it's a film with all the required commercial ingredients. I grew up watching mass films starring the likes of Megastar Chiranjeevi and Superstar Rajinikanth.

The title is apt for the story. My character is an idler who behaves like a true-blue 'gaalodu' in college. That's why everyone calls him 'Gaalodu'. At first, I would refuse to do some scenes because I was thinking like Sudheer. My director made me think like the character in order to help me shed my reservations.

It's true that I am known for comedy roles. But it's also true that the mass audience are fond of me. That's why I wanted to do a full-scale commercial film.

We have seen content-driven films aplenty in recent times. The audience are now hungry for mass films. 'Gaalodu' answers their thirst. After the release of our movie's teaser and trailer, we have been showered with applause. Everyone is convinced that I have done justice in a hero's role. That's the biggest compliment I have received.

Ram Prasad's cinematography, the music by Bheems and the production values are among our film's stand-out features. The producer, Rajasekhar Reddy, has spent money without minding the limits.

I am missing the 'Jabardasth' show. It's me who wanted to take a sabbatical from the comedy show. It is a six-month sabbatical.

I am no fan of onscreen chemistry. But I and Rashmi Gautam have somehow gotten along very well. We don't even touch each other. We strike chemistry with glances. 'Gaalodu' was offered to Rashmi but she couldn't allot dates. We both want to unite for a movie in the future.

I am not fond of onscreen romance. But the director of 'Gaalodu' wanted me to do romance. The day I can tell my directors not to write romantic scenes for me, I will say so.

I want to be known as an entertainer more than a hero. I don't want to be called a hero or a comedian. I don't know the range of my market. My intention is that no producer should lose his money. Nobody who works with me should incur losses. I hope 'Gaalodu' gives money to the producer and distributors.

Everyone treats me as their family in the film industry. Nobody sees me as a TV artist. They call me one of their own. Life is unpredictable. I believe in living in the moment.

Updated on November 17, 2022