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Pawan Kalyan: From A Ridiculed 'Revolutionary' To A True Kingmaker


In 2007, Pawan Kalyan launched something called Commonman Protection Force. Kids born in the 2000s would find it surprising but the Force was launched and dissolved just like that. The presser during the launch was filled with Pawan indulging in laughable antics. The actor was emotionally disturbed. After all, he was reported to have had arguments with family members after Srija (Chiranjeevi's daughter) had eloped with her boyfriend. Business Standard reported that CPF had been formed in the wake of Pawan's "skirmishes with his family members".

CPF was described as a non-starter by everyone. After forming it with the ostensible aim of protecting women (security is supposed to be provided by the police and police alone), Pawan silently shelved it. He had realized that he was not legally allowed to do such 'nautanki'. At that time, the Nandamuri fans ridiculed him for doing unnecessary drama without having a basic idea about anything. Pawan's fans had no cogent response.

In the CPF presser was present a die-hard Chiranjeevi fan who would later write a book on the Megastar. He was witness to PK being made fun of by his own staff in private. Pawan looked emotional. He had no rational thinking. He had no plan whatsoever.

After the flop show by Praja Rajyam Party in 2009, Pawan was once again back in action - the action of silently backing off and shelving all plans of reforming the society he so dearly cared for. For five years, he was not to be seen in political spaces. He then formed the Jana Sena Party in 2014, only to happily distance himself completely from the rough and tumble of electioneering. He merely supported the TDP-BJP combine. He looked like an armchair, AC-room leader.

The 2019 elections saw him making fiery speeches once again. He loves making speeches. Only emotions and no content. He couldn't tap into the anti-incumbency mood. Jagan's party swept the polls.

Cut to the present, Pawan is the kingmaker. He is the PM's favourite. He is the CM's go-to guy. He has come a long way from the day he was ridiculed in private by his own staff members to the day when he is grabbing the attention of the world's largest political party, the BJP.