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D Suresh Babu on CBN's arrest: 'Tollywood is apolitical'


So far, only a few film personalities have reacted to Chandrababu Naidu's arrest. Producer Aswini Dutt and veteran K Raghavendra Rao are the prominent ones. Creative Commercials' KS Rama Rao has also condemned the arrest.

On Tuesday, D Suresh Babu was asked about the silence of the film industry at large over the ongoing political crisis in AP. Suresh Babu replied saying that individuals have their allegiances but the industry as a whole has no political allegiance. "Right since the days when the industry was in Madras to now, Telugu cinema has been apolitical and non-religious," Suresh Babu said.

The senior producer further added, "I might like a leader, I might not like a leader. When the Telangana agitation was on, the industry stayed neutral. There is a story behind every story. We are not politicians. We are not the media. We are just filmmakers. Why do you expect us to make statements?"

"My father was a TDP member. I worked for the party. But I did it as an individual, not as a producer. Every CM has done something or the other for the Telugu film industry. The biggest influence someone had on the industry was Chenna Reddy garu, followed by NTR garu. No CM has hurt us," Suresh Babu added.