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Vijay Deverakonda makes us keen by adding TOOFAN to his social media handles


Vijay Deverakonda has always used his social media accounts not only sparingly but also intelligently. That's the reason whatever he says or does on social media makes Netizens/general public eager to know more about what might be going on in his mind.

One such thing has happened this time, too. The on-screen sensation, who is known for a masculine onscreen image, has added the robust-sounding word 'TOOFAN' to his social media account names.

Everyone is clueless as of now and we, too, are puzzled in a positive way. Much as we can't wait to know more about the rationale behind the addition, we are enjoying the fact that the word 'TOOFAN' sounds all the more macho when the actor uses it.

His enthusiastic fans are reacting in different ways. They are wondering what Deverakonda might be up to. Fanboys and fangirls are hungry for more information.

Meanwhile, an image in which a sturdy Vijay Deverakonda is seen holding a bottle of Thumbs-Up with the caption 'Soft Drink Kaadu, idi Toofan' has surfaced on the Internet. One, for sure, knows that 'Toofan Aane Waala Hai'. And it is going to sweep us off our feet for sure, thanks to the brand's unchallenged image and the new brand ambassador's charms!