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'Tees Maar Khan' will become Aadi's career-best film: Makers


'Tees Maar Khan' is heading to theatres on Aug 19. Its pre-release event was held in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Sai Kumar (senior actor and Aadi Saikumar's father) thanked the chief guests Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Sudheer Babu and Adivi Sesh for gracing the occasion. "This is my 50th year as an actor. It was on this day 26 years ago that 'Police Story' was released in theatres in Karnataka," the 'Prasthanam' actor recalled, adding that he has got to act with a number of superstars in his long career. "Every film should become a hit, including our film. I sincerely wish 'TMK'. Sai Kartheek's music is amazing. Payal Rajput is looking beautiful," he added.

Adivi Sesh said, "My mother is my biggest support system. 'TMK' is getting released in theatres on her birthday (Aug 19). Aadi, too, has got his mother's immense support. I wish producer Nagam Tirupathi garu and director Kalyanji Gogana all the best."

Siddhu Jonnalagadda said, "Aadi is looking crazy and new in the trailer. His costumes, his body language are looking great. The film looks fresh. Sai Kartheek's music has always been enjoyable. I am expecting the film to be enjoyable."

Aadi Saikumar said, "I am both excited and nervous ahead of my film's release in theatres. 'TMK' is a pakka commercial film. That said, it is not a routine subject. It has got a strong emotional core. Please encourage our film. Payal is a sweet co-star. Sunil anna has got a superb scene in the second half. Thakur Anoop Singh, Srikanth Iyangar garu and Poorna garu have got excellent roles. You are going to see a new Aadi."