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'The Ghost': The story behind hero's sword!


'The Ghost' stars Akkineni Nagarjuna and Sonal Chauhan as Interpol officers. Helmed by Praveen Sattaru, the film is heading to theatres on October 5.

A day after saying that the film's shoot was a done deal, the makers today gave an interesting update. In a weeks-old video glimpse titled 'Killing Machine', we saw Nagarjuna's Ghost wield a deadly sword. And it's not some random sword whose slaying prowess has no explanation.

On Tuesday, in a statement, director Sattaru revealed that the sword is a Japanese Katana that is made of Tamahagane, a rare and precious metal (steel). And the Katanas are extremely dangerous since they can cut through the sharpest and strongest objects like iron. "Western historians have said that katana were among the finest cutting weapons in world military history," says a Wikipedia post.

On Aug 18, as the clock strikes 10:08 am, a new update will drop.

With BGM by Mark K Robin, 'The Ghost' has stunts by Dinesh Subbarayan and Kaecha. Gul Panag and Anikha Surendran are essaying important roles.