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RGV Missing: Ram Gopal Varma announces new movie


 Ram Gopal Varma is unstoppable. Notwithstanding the results and lukewarm reception, he has been announcing back to back movies. He has now announced the movie, 'RGV Missing'. Announcing the movie, he said that the film falls into the genre, fictional reality (FR), which he has invented "for the first time in the world".

RGV has also revealed the story idea. "Rgv’s company office staff are shocked to find Rgv missing and they report to police ..The police initially think it is a publicity stunt by the controversial director till they realise its actually serious", RGV said. He added that the prime suspects are fans of a POWERful star, a Mega family, an ex-chief minister and his son.

RGV in his own style, said that the film features the characters of Prawan Kalyan, Omega Star, WHY S Jagan, CBEN, Lakesh, KCAR, KTAR etc. It's not rocket science to know who the characters are.