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Rajashekar confirms about injury on sets


Couple of days ago news was that Rajashekar was terribly injured while he was shooting for the film Kalki. Even pictures about the mishap have been doing rounds. The pictures showed bad injuries.

Rajashekar has now responded to all this. He tweeted that it is true that he was injured, but it is small injury. His tweet read, "The rumours are little too spiced, here’s what actually happened. Dear media, please don’t attach my old accident pictures to the recent news."

The snaps that are doing round are not the recent ones, but are old. Rajashekhar further informed that he is fine now and is one his way to Kulu Manali with his family.

His statement on Twitter read,

 Good evening everyone! 10 days earlier, I was injured on the sets of Kalki while shooting a stunt sequence. I couldn't take rest as we had to continue shoot because of the huge combination of actors and they're dates. I am recovering slowly..much better now and am on the way to Kullu Manali with my family and team Kalki. Unfortunately a landslide on the route halted our journey but nothing happened to anyone, we are all safe. We have resumed our journey and I am looking forward to this schedule in beautiful Kullu Manali :) I've been receiving a lot of phone calls and messages from family ,friends and my dear fans enquiring about my well being. Thank you you so much for all your love! This is what has happened .. Please don't spread any false rumours.