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Renu Desai voiced out her opinion on social media


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Renu Desai, in an interview to a Telugu TV channel, opened up about remarriage saying that she felt lonely after divorce and that she may remarry in the future. Ever since Renu Desai opened up about remarriage, she has been receiving hatred messages from few Pawan kalyan fans with skewed ideas of masculinity.

In response to the hatred messages, Renu Desai voiced out her opinion on social media. She seriously condemned those inexcusable messages.

Renu Desai took to Facebook and posted her views saying, “I don’t think this post is just for me. When I read these kind of posts, I am really worried that we are living in such a society where men with this harsh mind-set exists. On one hand, we are talking about women equality, women empowerment, women safety and security and now on the other hand when I just expressed my opinion about getting married again, I am receiving all these hatred messages. In our country a man can marry any number of times, but for a women thinking about second marriage itself is a sin. Does she has to stay alone forever in guilt? I pray to god today, I sincerely pray to god that if women has to lead a good life they themselves have to make sure that they should bring up their sons with a good mind-set then only men in this country starts thinking in a positive way.”

We at Ragalahari feels that this is an undeniable truth.

Here is Renu Desai's thought about today's society