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"I Wish Jaya gari 'Vaishakham' To Become Bigger Hit Than Her 'Lovely' " - Sensational Director V.V.Vinayak


It is not an usual thing for a small film to achieve 2.5 million views for its teaser. With an impressive Telugu Title, 'Vaisakham' Directed by Dynamic Lady Director Jaya.B, Produced by B.A. Raju under R.J. Cinemas banner achieved this rare feat. YouTube views shows the expectations film is carrying among the audience. Hareesh, Avantika played the lead roles while D.J. Vasanth composed the music. Audio is already a big hit. Industry celebrities who watched the songs are appreciating it's Visuals. Producer B.A. Raju is planning to release the film very soon. Makers releases a new teaser of the film in an event on June 5th at Hotel Daspalla, Hyderabad. Sensational Director V.V.Vinayak attended as chief guest and released the teaser. In the same event V.V.Vinayak conveyed his best wishes to entire team and congratulated team for crossing 2.5 million views of 'Vaisakham' teaser by cutting a special cake.

No One Lost Single Rupee Because Of Jaya gari's Films

On this occasion Sensational Director V.V.Vinayak says, " 'Vaisakham' is 8th film for Smt Jaya. It not an easy task to direct 8 films. After Vijaya Nirmala garu it is Jaya garu only who Directed this many films among Lady Directors in our Telugu Film Industry. Jaya gari films became Big Hits, some became Averages. But, no one lost a single rupee with her films. Producers, Buyers of her films never lost money. Everyone involved got profits with her films. Jaya garu said that this is a small film. May be because of new Hero, Heroines it may look like a small film.But, they never compromise in spending money for quality. This is not a small film. This is a big film. Songs were picturised lavishly. Everyone in industry loves B.A.Raju garu. I worked as assistant director for Krishna gari's films. B.A.Raju has special bonding with Krishna garu. Whenever we both meet we always talk about Krishna garu. Songs in this film were picturised with rich visuals. Hero too danced well in songs. Music is good. Cinematography is impressive. Dialogue by Sai Kumar garu in Trailer, " Teesukelle Devudi Kante Mosukelle Manushule Mukhyam" is very good. Jaya gari's previous film 'Lovely' was a big hit. I wish her 'Vaisakham' will become much bigger hit than 'Lovely' ".

Music Director D.J. Vasanth says, " I enjoyed composing music for this film. We are very happy after watching the output. I am very confident about the film after completing re-recording. Theme teaser became a big hit and got 2.5 million views in a very short time. This shows how much audience are waiting for the film. Film will definitely exceeds your expectations. 'Vaisakham' will become one of the biggest hits this year".

Cinematographer Vaalisetty Vekata Subba Rao says, " Thanks to Vinayak garu for gracing this event. Yesterday I watched the final output and realised how beautifully Jaya garu created a great characterisation for heroine. Usually to convey that the heroine's character as good, mostly traditional wear like langa voni, salwar kameej is being used. But, here in this film even with modern costumes Jaya garu conveyed the greatness of heroines characterisation. Film came out very well. Everyone will love this film. 'Vaisakham' will definitely become a blockbuster."

Dynamic Lady Director Jaya.B says, " First of all I thank Vinayak garu for attending this function. We love Vinay garu. We always talk about him. He is a very good director. More than that He is a very good human being in our industry. We feel lucky that he came to our function today. A small film getting 2.5 million views is not a regular thing. That many people are waiting for the film. Everyone will love 'Vaisakham' ".

Producer B.A.Raju says, " We thank Vinayak garu for coming here and bless us even in his busy schedule. Our entire team is very happy about our 'Vaisakham' Theme Teaser which crossed 2.5 million views within a week. This shows how much audience are waiting for the film. Everyone knows how big hit our 'Lovely' is, we are confident that 'Vaisakham' will become much bigger hit than 'Lovely'."

Prudhvi said, “Yesterday there was a match between India and Pakistan. Everyone were offering prayers before the start of the match. To give an example of how advanced B Jaya Madam’s thoughts are, she shot similar scene way before in Vaishakam. I immediately called Raju Garu and reminded him of this situation and told that same scene was repeated in reality. India won the math and tomorrow our film will emerge victorious. I felt happy working with all other artists in Vaishakam. It shows the apartment in the movie. unlike the villages where there is a love among people, in city everyone is too busy in their lives. They have no time for others. In Vaishakam the apartment culture is shown. The kind of emotions people exhibit there is wonderfully captured. I am eagerly waiting to watch the movie. I have got a very good role in the movie. I have specially tell about the climax, the women audience will be full of tears in the climax, it has come out that well. Every artist feels happy working in Raju Gari banner. There will be a royal treatment to them like nowhere else. I sincerely wish the movie to be a big hit, earn lots of money and fame”.

Hero Harish said, “I thank VV Vinayak Garu from the bottom of my hear for blessing us by watching the videos. It was possible only because of BA Raju Garu, I watched all the video songs with all my favorite directors. The movie will be even better. Right from the first day I am thanking Raju Garu and Jaya Madam and I don’t think it will still be enough for taking me in the movie. I hope everyone of you will watch the movie and encourage us”.

Harish, Avantika will be seen as Hero, Heroines in this film along with Dialogue King Sai Kumar in a Special role.

Other principle cast involves Eeshwari Rao, Ramaprabha, Prudhvi, Kasi Viswanath, Krishna Bhagawan, Sri Lakshmi, Gundu Sudershan, Apparao, Seshu, Bhadram, Sompu, Phani, Madhavi, Jenny, Jabardasth Team Venky, Sridhar, Ram Prasad, Prasad, Teja, Sashank, Latheesh, Keerthi Naidu, Parameswari, Govinda Rao, Veeranna Chowdary, Raja Boyidi, Latha Sangaraju, Lavanya, Monica, Chandini, Ishani Kalyani Kamre, Shahjahan Suzanne

Cinematography : Vaalisetty Venkata Subba Rao, Music : D.J Vasanth, Dance : V.J Shekhar, Art : Murali Kondeti, Fights : Venkat, Ram Sunkara, Stills : Srinu, Co-Director : Amaraneni Naresh, Production Executive : Subba Rao, Line-Producer : B.Siva Kumar, Producer : B.A. Raju, Written, Edited, Directed By : Jaya.B