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Fan Made Song For 'Mohenjo Daro'

Ashutosh Gowariker's 'Mohenjo Daro' has been creating waves across the nation and the recent trailer pumps in adrenaline among many. Three guys from Hyderabad made a song with the title 'Melody of Mohenjo Daro' as a token of respect for this film.

Lyricist of this song Sira Sri said, "Since my childhood the topic of Indus Valley Civilization was left to imagination as there were no stories, fables and legends around it. Personally, a joy engulfed me hearing the announcement of the film Mohenjo Daro by my favorite film director Ashutosh Gowariker and the fondest actor Hrithik Roshan. I have been longing to watch the love story in the backdrop of Indus Valley Civilization and the joy was doubled seeing its motion poster and trailer recently. It is so inspiring that I started thinking that Love is eternal and it carries same intensity be it any culture or civilization, any time or any space. I penned this song with that thought. This was composed by Rawi Shanqar and sung by Rohith. This song has nothing to do with the actual film 'Mohenjo Daro' and we dedicate this to the fans of Hrithik Roshan and Ashutosh Gowariker. With due respects to Janab Javed Akhtar and AR Rehman we are releasing this online as a token of respect for their epic film".

Composer of this song, Rawi Shanqar said "I am not just a fan of AR Rehman ji but I worship him. I keep this song as a flower at his feet. Rehman ji has been beyond inspiration and my exposure and experience wouldn't be sufficient to describe him".

Singer Rohith said, "I tried my best to sing this. I was carried away in the wind of intense love while singing the last part of the song especially".


Written By: SIRASRI

Sung by: ROHIT