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The Royal Reel Award goes to Jennifer Alphonsse for the Documentary "The Take Over".

In 2012 Vveteran Actor Mr.Rajendra Prasad won this Prestigious Royal Reel Award from Canada International Film Festival. and now it's Jennifer Alphonsse who has won this Prestigious Royal Reel Award for Directing the Documentary "The Take Over"

when asked She says -

It's a totals surprise truly!

its an Honour to receive this Award, in 2014 right after I came back from Cannes Film Festival Mr.Basi offered me this Project and I immediately started working on it, for almost two years me and my team have worked very hard on this Projec

The Doucmentary talks about how Digital Medium has completely taken over the Filmmaking process in India, In the west it happened long back but It took some time for the complete change to happen in India. its a conversational Documentary, we travelled across the country and interviewed around 80 technicians from Bollywood to Kollywood..few names to mention like Mani Ratnam, Kamal Hassan, Seengethan Srinivas, Suresh Babu, Santosh Sivan, Trivikram, K K Senthil Kumar, RGV, Rajeev Menon, Vikram Bhat and the list goes on. right from writing a script to the final stage of projection everything is digitalized in our country today.

It has been an incredible journey! everyone expressed their inner most feeling towards this change..its so interesting to listen to such veterans when they share their experiences with us.

but the soul reason behind doing this Project is Mr.Basi Reddy

Its his Dream Project! and I thank him from the bottom of my heart..Basi Sir is one of the pioneers in introducing the Digital Medium in our country especially in Filmmaking, way back in 1999 - 2000 - when no one could even imagine that one day the entire Filmmaking Process will be digitalised, he and his team worked very hard in spreading the knowledge by arranging several workshops getting several high-end equipments from abroad.

He always wanted to document this era of transformation. so that 10 or 20 years down the lane our future generation can always look back at this Documentary as a source of study material, he is Planning to screen this Documentary in every Film School across the country.

Lots of people on my list to thank few important ones to begin with is

Mani Ratnam Sir, Revathy Mam for the Voice over, Bina Paul for Edit Supervision, Mr L Suresh, Bharani K Dharan, Ravi Subramanian, Cyril Towle, Devara Madhukar and my Cinematographer Surya and each and every technician from Digiquest.

I dedicate this Award to my entire Team..Thank you for the incredible support.