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Nithin talks about "Agyaat"


Today, the 30th of March, Nitin, who turned 26 is currently busy with Spectra Media’s untitled film co-starring Ileana directed by Paruchuri Murali and produced by G Venkataramana. This apart he is also making his debut in Bollywood with RGV’s ‘Agyaat’. On the occasion of his birthday, Nitin shared some of his views with us. Here are some excerpts.

What is the speciality of this birthday?
Nothing special! I’m celebrating this birthday in a simple manner with my unit members in Dubai. My recently released ‘Dhrona’ has become a big commercial hit. I am very happy to note that people are appreciating my acting skills as well as my dances and fights. That is the best gift for this birthday.

Give us some idea about your current film in Parachuri Murali’s direction.
Parachuri Murali has directed a superhit film ‘Andrudu’ three years ago.  Taking a break he again came up with yet another interesting subject which we did not see a film with one such theme in the recent past. Right now we are in Dubai to shoot some action and entertainment sequences.  This schedule would go on for another two months.

What kind of role are you essaying in this film?
My characterization in this film is such that I’m a very easy going nature. There are no heavy scenes or sentiments in this film.  It’s a cool film and I use a different accent and body language which I’m sure would entertain the audience.

You are working with Ileana for the first time. How do you feel about that?
It is nice to work with her. I don’t know how many people would be aware that Ileana and I had a photo session for ‘Dhairyam’. But we couldn’t work together due to some other reasons. We have again joined hands for this film and now that she has gained some experience she is doing her part quickly without much retakes. I am sure the audience would love to watch us together on screen.

You must be watching many films, right! Did you ever felt that you should have done one such role?
Mmm…yes! I have watched ‘Ghajini’ both Tamil and Hindi versions. Whenever I sit and watch that film I get a strong feeling that one day I too should do that kind of role.

In what manner do you select a film?
It is very difficult to say that because sometimes when we hear the story narration it appears very impressive but later it depends on how the director portrays it on the screen.  I made such mistakes in the past but now, I am confident enough about my current film. My fans are the right judges for me. So I decided to select a movie according to their requirements.

Can you name one film which did not satisfy you?
Oh yes! ‘Hero’ was the film which disappointed me and my fans a lot. But my immediate film ‘Dhrona’ has over shadowed all the negative aspects of ‘Hero’.

What is opinion about multi-starrer films?
As far as I am concerned I will see how important is my characterization and next the storyline.  I do not mind working in a multi-starrer film, infact I feel healthy to do such films.

How far is the progress of Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat?
It has almost reached the final leg of production and we are planning to release the film in July.

How was your reaction when you came to know that you are going to do a film with Ram Gopal Varma?
Everything was like a dream come true.  Ram Gopal Varma use to keep in touch with me over phone but never expressed anything anytime.  However, one fine day I received a call from him stating that I’m doing a male lead in his film, I was shocked! I didn’t know how to react to it and you know, I couldn’t sleep for a week after that. Oh my god!

Any forth coming films?
I’ve signed a film for Welfare Creations banner and Eeshwar Reddy would direct the film. The film launch would take place some time in May. There is one more film under JD Chakravarthy’s direction which would begin as soon as Agyaat is released.

Updated on April 25, 2020