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Interview of Nithiin about 'Check'


Nithiin awaits the release of 'Check' on February 26. In this interview, he talks about working on the movie, teaming up with director Chandrasekhar Yeleti, his upcoming movies and more.

'Check' came my way even before the release of 'Bheeshma'. It was a conscious effort to do a distinct film. When Yeleti garu narrated the storyline of 'Check', I liked it. There are no forced comedy scenes or romantic tracks. How Aditya (Nithiin) becomes a grandmaster in the prison and other aspects of the story, is going to captivate the audience.

I didn't do any homework for the role. I used to be quite calm on the sets. Otherwise, I am jolly. I would be in a depressed mood. After giving a shot, I would just be withdrawn.

Since this is my first movie with Yeleti garu, it was a great experience. Thanks to Kalyani Malik garu's BGM, the experience is different. This is an emotion-based movie. That's why music was quite important.

Last year was very special. Not only my film 'Bheeshma' became a big hit, I also got married. My wife has loved the trailer of 'Check'. We don't usually chat about movies at home.

'Check' is about the journey of Aditya. It doesn't focus too much on contemporary issues. As far as I know, there is no inspiration from real life. But I have heard of a prisoner in the US who played chess during his imprisonment.

'Power Peta' might release in December if everything goes well. It will go on the floors in May. It's the most challenging role in my career. I will be playing three ages in it. This could be dubbed in Tamil.

The shoot of 'Rang De' came to an end yesterday. I think it will be my last love story. I am bored of the genre. I mean to say that I will not be doing an out-and-out love story.

Audiences are really forward these days. Movies like 'Uppena' and 'Naandhi' prove that people are hungry for distinct movies. So, I am not wary of experimentation.

There is no Pawan Kalyan garu's reference in the movie. It would not be appropriate to put his portrait in a jail (laughs).

It took me time to attune myself to Yeleti garu's style. I appreciate Rakul Preet Singh for accepting a role that doesn't need her to dance or be glamorous. There is only one song in 'Check' and it's shot on myself and Priya Prakash Varrier. Priya has played an important role that comes in the flashback. Her role is limited to the 15-minute flashback.

Doing 'Bheeshma', 'Check' and 'Rang De' simultaneously/back to back was not easy. After all, the costumes, characters are totally different in these films.

It has been a bumpy ride since my career began 19 years ago. I am happy that I am in a comfortable position despite delivering many flops.

I dream to do a multi-starrer with Pawan Kalyan garu. 'Daagudu Moothalu' with Harish Shankar garu won't be happening.

Of late, I have liked 'Money Heist'. The professor's character in that is something I would like to play.

Updated on February 24, 2021