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'Happy Ending' has an emotional twist and a terrific climax: Yash Puri


'Happy Ending', directed by Kowshik Bheemidi, is produced by Anil Pallala, Yogesh Kumar and Sanjay Reddy. The film is gearing up for release on February 2. Produced on Hamstech Films and Silly Monks Studios, 'Happy Ending' co-stars Yash Puri and Apoorva Rao in lead roles. In this interview, Yash says that his character Harsh is a restless youngster in the new-age rom-com. "A human emotion binds everything together in this film," the actor adds.

Our Puranas are held in high esteem. The essence of 'Happy Ending' has been drawn from the Puranas. A 3000-year-old curse is at the core of the story. And how the weird curse affects the 25-year-old protagonist is new.

'Happy Ending' has no adult, bold flavour. Only the curse aspect has an element of boldness. Ideologically, the film is universal. The first half is breezy. The real story unfolds in the second half. The easy-going beats of the story take a hard turn. There is a wordplay about my character's name: 'I am Harsh but I am not harsh'.

I am not a big star. Making a subject like this with someone like me makes this film ambitious. You would be disappointed if you walked into the theatre to derive cheap thrills. This must be watched for a new experience. The love depicted in the film is not physical but emotional and spiritual. The kind of love that you experience when you meet a long-lost friend. This is bold love in the sense that it is pure.

My appeal is that the film shouldn't be missed out in theatres. But if there is any segment you have to watch with extra interest, it is the climax, whose technical superiority, writing, and emotional twist will arrest the audience. The romance in the film comes from poetic, spiritual aspects because Harsh is incapable of physical romance. That way, you can watch this film with your parents, grandparents and kids. Youngsters will 100% love our movie. If that 'word of mouth' spreads, it will be magical.

Director Kowshik has broken out of the old mould. He didn't opt for established technicians for the same reason. He wanted to work with newcomers, especially a new composer and a new cinematographer. Two hours and eighteen minutes is the running time. I am the second hero of 'Happy Ending', the first hero being the story.

Our film has been given UA by the CBFC. The characters played by Ajay Ghosh garu, Vishnu Oi and Jhansi garu will be in a new light.

I love commercial cinema. Before I do larger-than-life cinema, I must first build up to that phase slowly. I would not look believable in a hyper-action film as things stand.

Before 'Happy Ending' was taken to the floors, Silly Monks Studios had me and the director do a demo reel. We shot an 8-minute showreel that instilled confidence in the producers.

Updated on January 31, 2024