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'Atharva' will keep you guessing what might come next: Actor Karthik Raju


'Atharva' is set to hit the cinemas on December 1. Starring Karthik Raju as a biometric analyst, the thriller is based on a real incident. In this interview, the budding actor says that the clues team within the police department stays in the background in real life. The film attempts to bring out their silent yet immense contribution to solving criminal cases. Catch him talk about his journey and what he aspires next.

Director Mahesh Reddy gave a 3-hour narration when I met him the first time. Throughout, I was intrigued and couldn't guess what was coming next. Within a week of the narration, we set the ball rolling. His execution is to the point.

The story revolves around a clues team in the police department. The general public is not aware of the workings of this indispensable team. My character aspires to become a cop. However, due to asthma-related issues, he fails to make the grade. He becomes a biometric analyst just so that he gets to be in the police department. He is not an investigator. He takes a keen interest in a murder case because of his policing mindset. How he helps crack a stubborn case is what the film is about.

Thrillers usually involve murder mysteries. With 'Atharva', the setting is somewhat different and the suspense factor is tight. There are three songs and a fight in the movie. There is also comedy. The film is based on a true incident narrated with adequate cinematic liberty in order to avoid the trappings of a docudrama. After the first 15-20 minutes, the actual story takes off. There are twists galore. There is a scene that talks about why women need to be circumspect in this society.

My character bumps into the heroine (Simran Choudhary) as part of his profession. She is a crime reporter. Ayraa plays a film actress in the film. Her role is significant.

Producer Subhash Nuthalapati of Peggo Entertainments has ensured a high-quality product with his father Srinivas garu. He hasn't made the film for money. He spent whatever it took to bring out the best. In Nizam, we are going in for a 100-screen release despite competition from 'Animal'.

This is my second film with music director Sricharan Pakala, whom I call the second Mani Sharma.

I am not in a hurry to make movies. 'Kousalya Krishnamurthy' happened before the pandemic. It fetched me fame. I am doing a film with a former associate of VV Vinayak. Raja is his name.

I want to go slow. I want to do entertainers that everyone will love to watch. I want to try a comedy of the variety that EVV Satyanarayana was known for. I want that film to bring together 40-50 comedians. I want to stick to acting. I won't be directing movies because that's not my cup of tea.

My father has been in the distribution sector. He advises me to work hard and observe the prevalent trends in the industry. I don't hanker after money. 

Updated on November 28, 2023