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'Atharva' is tight, logical and well-researched: Producer Subhash Nuthalapati


Producer Subhash Nuthalapati of Peggo Entertainments has bankrolled the investigative clues thriller 'Atharva' with passion. Starring Karthik Raju, Simran Choudhary (as a crime reporter) and Ayraa, the film will hit the cinemas on December 1. In this interview, the young producer says that the thriller is a labour of diligent and detailed research into the workings of clues teams in the police department.

I have been in the UK after completing my MBA. I was on a vacation to India when I got to meet Atharva's director Mahesh Reddy through a cinematographer-friend. I have previously produced a movie titled 'Rockstar' on some other banner.

Mahesh's detailing about the clues teams and their duties impressed me a lot. I gave myself a day's time before deciding to produce 'Atharva'. Superb talents like Sricharan Pakala (music director) and Vinay anna (Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi who is currently directing Adivi Sesh's 'Goodachari 2') have worked on the movie.

The title 'Atharva' is justified in terms of characterization. It's known that a Veda is named Atharva. The title justification will become clear once you watch our movie.

The audience, these days, love to watch thrillers. 'Atharva' is essentially a thriller delving into the work of the unsung heroes - the clues team members. You can expect a twist every ten minutes. The direction of the story is unpredictable. I learned that the director's brother has previously worked in the clues department. He met with Dr. Venkanna, a clues expert, as part of his research for the story of 'Atharva'. In terms of logic and tight writing, our movie is flawless. The other day, we screened the movie for over 100 knowledgeable people, none of whom pointed out any logical errors. This is a wide-ranging thriller that will keep the viewer guessing throughout.

Every day was a learning experience for me as a producer. I am sure there is so much to learn even after the movie's release. I have got to learn about how the distribution networks operate. Doing 'Atharva' has been a constant learning process. I am just 25. When I make my next movie, this learning will help me perform better. I had plans to make a film with an all-new cast and crew. That project had to be temporarily put on the backburner due to some reasons. I might revive the project soon and release it in theatres. I will listen to new stories after the release of 'Atharva'. 'Atharva', which ends with a cliffhanger, might have a sequel. If everything goes well, it might be turned into a sequel like 'HIT'.

Every week, there is some or the other movie release with which we have to compete. 'Atharva' has been released in collaboration with Suresh Productions, whose call it was to release the film on December 1 despite it being the release date of 'Animal'. We might release the movie on about 100-150 screens in the Telugu States.

Updated on November 27, 2023