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'Atharva' is about the role played by clues team: Director Mahesh Reddy


'Atharva', touted to be an investigative clues thriller, is directed by Mahesh Reddy. In this interview, he says that the film is rich in solid twists. "There comes a bang in the pre-climax phase and it will give an unexpected high to the audience," he said. Starring Karthik Raju, Simran Choudhary and Ayraa, the film will hit the cinemas on December 1. Also featuring Arvind Krishna, Kabir Duhan Singh, Marimuthu, and others, this one is produced by Subhash Nuthalapati on Peggo Entertainments. He describes the movie as realistic.

The film began with the thought that investigative thrillers hardly focus on the clues collection aspect. I happened to watch the interview of Dr Venkanna, the head of the Hyderabad Clues team. The clues team stays in the background but their work is paramount. The layman believes that, as soon as a crime takes place, the policemen are the only ones who appear there. Nobody talks about the role of four clues team members (photographer, videographer, biometric analyst, and forensic scientist) who guard the crime scene by promptly securing the place so that no clues get diluted. The clues team members are unsung heroes.

This film is a suspenseful crime thriller that depicts the indispensability of the clues team in solving a case. Serial murders and robbery scenes have been welded in making this intelligent thriller. Karthik Raju, the lead man, plays a biometric analyst in the film. His character chases multiple mysteries in the film. He is a seeker of truth. The plot takes off with the murder of a Tollywood actor. The protagonist is saddled with a crime that has no clues, no footprint whatsoever. What does he do then? That's what the film is about.

You can expect riveting plot turns for sure. In the second half, you can expect a twist every ten minutes. The twists in the pre-climax and climax will stand out. The significance of a clues team led by the male protagonist is implied throughout the plot. The heroine (Simran) works as a crime reporter. Their track is organic and not forced at all. I used the plot to write some light scenes between them.

Recently, we screened the movie for many experienced professionals, including those who worked in clues teams in the past. As silent workers who work in the police department, they felt so happy about the tribute in the form of 'Atharva'. They felt that I hadn't taken liberties in the name of cinema. There are no unrealistic elevations.

Sricharan Pakala is in prime form. His background score is wonderful like in films like 'Kshanam' and 'Goodachari'. His BGM tries to create music even from the police jeep siren. There is a mass song, a romantic montage number, and a folk song as well. With this film, he has proven that he is capable of mass songs as well.

The producer didn't mind the budget. They listened to the story and believed that the film had to be made on a decent budget.

The term 'KCPD' is a cuss word in Telugu. We have given a new spin to it in the film. In recent times, 'GodFather' and 'Bhagavanth Kesari' used 'KCPD' to elevate heroism.

'Atharva' is going to give you an edge-of-the-seat, racy, power-packed thriller that won't let you even peek into your smartphone. Comedy, entertainment, dance, thrills... you can expect everything in the movie.

Updated on November 27, 2023