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Rules Ranjann has been made for the current generation: Rathinam Krishna


Director Rathinam Krishna awaits the release of 'Rules Ranjann' on October 6. Starring Kiran Abbavaram and Neha Shetty in the lead, the entertainer targets youngsters with large doses of family fun and youthful comedy. In this interview, the director talks about what thought went into evolving the project, learning from previous failure, what to expect from his latest directorial, and more.

I like to be both a producer and a director. Since my father is a producer, other producers have always assumed that I wouldn't prefer to do films for them. Moreover, actors who okayed my scripts insisted that only my father's banner should produce the movie. But handling both responsibilities would be huge. That's why I haven't been able to direct many movies. Besides, I have been occupied with my father's movies year after year in different capacities. I have undertaken various responsibilities, including as a co-producer, of my father's movies. We release three to four movies a year, I would oversee all the post-production works. Tamil movies like 'Arrambam', 'Yenthavadu Gaani', and 'Vedalam' kept me busy for years.

I have made 'Rules Ranjann' thinking it's my last film. I decided to make an entertainer after 'Oxygen' was laughed at even by the media. The first half is full of youthful scenes. The second half is high on family entertainment.

I am strong on the technical front. I can do a Hollywoodian actioner too. But 'RR' has been made for the Instagram generation who want to be entertained. 'RR' has no regular hero entry or heroine entry scenes. You will go with the flow. The breezy tone will be liked by one and all.

I am a big fan of Naveen Polishetty. I thought 'RR' would suit him and wanted to meet him. I made an effort for about three months to meet him. That's when 'SR Kalyanamandapam' was released and people were talking about Kiran. Upon watching that movie, I felt Kiran was more than just an actor. He listened to the story grudgingly at first. As the narration progressed, he found it engaging.

'RR' has been made keeping in mind the rule that only content speaks. It is a boisterous comedy with no layers or complications. My previous failure taught me the importance of keeping the entertainment quotient high (especially when your target audience are the Telugu cine-goers).

My father has watched the rushes. He has yet to watch the final product. However, my other family members and friends have watched it. He gives me a free hand. He was not kept in the loop when 'Rules Ranjann' was firmed up. Kiran himself got to meet him for the first time at the launch event of the movie.

It is true that I believe in astrology. But I use its predictions only as a source of motivation and guidance. No astrologer can predict the fate of a movie, for it is not a cricket match or something.

'Oxygen' was a misfire because it was released without proper planning. It was actually liked by the Tamil distributors. I should have made it in Tamil. The Tamil-dubbed version was a hit and I received many calls from distributors. Those who have watched it on TV have liked it as well.

Updated on October 5, 2023