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'Bhaag Saale' is an entertainer, first and foremost: Sri Simha Koduri


Sri Simha Koduri awaits the release of 'Bhaag Saale' this July 7. A crime comedy, the film features a bevy of comedians and senior artists. In this interview, Simha suggests that he keeps learning from his mistakes. 'Dongalunnaru Jaagratha' (2022) was made for a niche audience, but the film didn't work in theatres. The 'Mathu Vadalara' actor asserts that he looks for a script's ability to engage the audience.

'Bhaag Saale' is an entertainer, first and foremost. Emotions and a message are not to be expected from it. We have screened the movie multiple times (at a private studio in Hyderabad). And the viewers, every time, were found thoroughly enjoying the comedy.

Director Praneeth Sai happened to narrate the story right after 'Mathu Vadalara' (2019). Due to my other commitments, I couldn't take up the project. Kaala Bhairava anna was onboarded before me for this project. His score has taken the film to the next level.

Praneeth is quick with writing. He yearns for betterment, so much so, he wrote fifteen versions of 'Bhaag Saale' before the shoot commenced. He thought of the pros and cons of several options, and the behaviour of his characters in detail.

'Bhaag Saale' is the first film that has me doing comedy. My previous films had my character in comical situations; I myself didn't do comedy there. This is a proper crime comedy with true-blue elements. There is none who doesn't love a good comedy. This is the kind of film you will like to watch with your friends on repeat mode.

There are a lot of chases. We didn't want to shoot them in a studio. We opted for real locations in Hyderabad. The cameras were fixed in buildings and let them capture the crowds. The shots are natural and lively.

I don't look for concept-driven stories as such. I listen to the story and see whether the audience will enjoy watching me in that story. Every single film I have done so far was executed the way they were narrated. Commercial success is not in our hands.

For someone like me who comes from a film family background, I enjoy my share of advantages and disadvantages. Awareness is a blessing I enjoy, while baggage is a burden I have to live with. If I have any doubts, at times, I do approach Rajamouli garu. He doesn't interfere otherwise.

Star directors would want to work with star heroes any day. I am opting for scripts that are best suited to me. I pick the best ones among the choices that open up. I am still in the learning stage. I need to become a better actor and gain better experience for me to want to team up with the likes of Rajamouli garu.

When I did small acting assignments as a child, I didn't have much awareness. As I grew up, my passion for acting took a concrete shape. I have also worked in the direction department on films such as 'Rangasthalam' as an Assistant Director. I got to observe all departments from close quarters. The experience helped me acquaint myself with various crafts. Maybe, sometime in the future, I might wield the megaphone.

'Ustaad' is among my next releases. It is a bit hero-centric film, I would say. Eventually, I want to do a star film, for which I have to build a certain base. By this, I mean to say that I need to build a fan base of my own.

I definitely would like my father (MM Keeravani) to compose music for my films. But then, the budget for my movies is not big enough to accommodate him. At the end of the day, it is left to my directors to choose their technicians. It's not my prerogative.

My films are my final call. None in my family knew about the nature of 'Bhaag Saale' until they saw the teaser/trailer. My work has to give me the utmost satisfaction. I have got to work with experienced producers. The likes of Mythri Movie Makers, Suresh Productions and Sai Korrapati have produced my movies. Their planning was meticulous and detailed.

Updated on July 5, 2023