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'Nenu Student Sir!' has got intriguing twists: Producer Satish Varma


'Nenu Student Sir!' is all set to hit the cinemas on June 2. Rakhi Uppalapati has wielded the megaphone for the thriller. Starring Bellamkonda Ganesh and Avantika Dassani as the lead pair, the film is a thriller. 'Naandhi' Satish Varma has produced the thriller. In this interview, producer Satish Varma, who is often identified as 'Naandhi' Satish Varma, talks about the upcoming thriller. "Our film doesn't deliver any message. It tells the tale of an unsuspecting student who gets into a mess that is not of his making," the producer says.

Be it 'Naandhi' or 'Nenu Student Sir!', I okayed them because of the story. I greenlit the former because of the Section 211 concept. In the latter, you won't find heroism in the typical sense of the term. Bellamkonda Ganesh is a naive and innocent youngster. The thriller comes with a unique premise.

The story has been written by Krishna Chaitanya. After he gave a 30-minute narration, the plot built around a smartphone intrigued me. Students have a fascination with iPhones these days. Although the premise sounds simple, there are a lot of twists in the plot. Krishna Chaitanya couldn't wield the megaphone because he was committed to doing a film with Nithiin. Since I have known him for 15 years, he let me opt for another director. Debutant Rakhi Uppalapati evinced interest. He has previously directed an episode in a web series. I liked the treatment. You won't find unnecessary songs and fights in the movie. It's a bona fide thriller that is moody and racy.

Ganesh's performance is very good. His smile is pure. His performance in the film will evoke sympathy. In 'Swathi Muthyam', too, he was innocent. In 'Nenu Student Sir!', he wants to extricate himself out of the desperate situation he finds himself in.

Heroine Avantika Dassani is Bhagyashree's daughter. We got to know about her while Ganesh's brother Bellamkonda Srinivas was doing the Hindi 'Chatrapathi', in which our heroine's mother played a role. I am fond of casting. We roped in Varalaxmi Sarathkumar for the lawyer's role in 'Naandhi' because the character had to look superior. Samuthirakani's casting in this film is so apt.

The background score (by Mahati Swara Sagar) is next-level. After watching the movie recently, we literally partied that evening. That was a bash meant to celebrate the BGM.

So far, I have watched the movie four times. This is the first time that I have watched a movie these many times. I watched even 'Naandhi' only once. I watched 'Baahubali' only twice.

We recently narrated a story to Bellamkonda Srinivas. The story is about a sportsperson's journey. It's a fictional biopic. The span of the story is four years and takes place between two Olympic seasons. My next film will be with him. Although the script is nearly completed, we have to trim some scenes. Srinivas is excited. He finds the story quite haunting.

I like thrillers and comedies. I will surely bankroll a comedy if something exciting comes my way.

'Naandhi' has been my calling card. I am interested in collaborating with Allari Naresh once again. But I am not sure when it will happen.

Updated on May 28, 2023