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'Top Gear' is racy and technically superior: Aadi Saikumar


'Top Gear', starring Aadi Saikumar, will head to theatres on December 30. The film has got music by Harshavardhan Rameshwar. Riya Suman has a lead role. Also featuring Brahmaji, Satyam Rajesh, Mime Gopi, Narra, Shatru, and Banerjee, 'Top Gear' is directed by K Shashikanth. In this interview, actor Aadi talks about the film, his upcoming projects, his track record, and more.

We thought of releasing the movie in Summer. But we couldn't find a suitable date due to big films coming out. These days, small films are finding it hard to find a suitable release date.

'Top Gear' is a racy thriller. Director K Shashikanth first narrated a political thriller. He then narrated what came to be made as 'Top Gear'. The story takes place in a span of 24 hours. The producer and I opted for this story. It's a content-based film.

The title is apt because the hero, who is a cabbie, must always be in top gear! It's not like I want to do only thrillers. Every second script that I am listening to these days is a thriller. It's becoming difficult to say no to thrillers. 'Top Gear' is not a complete thriller. It's racy, nevertheless. It's about a commoner getting screwed by a messy situation that is not of his making. He gets trapped and how he fights to wriggle out from it, is what the film is about. Although I am a cabbie in the film, the story is not based on that identity.

The central conflict in my movies has always been interesting. The interval bang of 'Black', for example, was unexpected. If the central idea is fresh, half the battle is won. It's hard to judge the audiences' preferences these days. One can say that they need a wow factor to want to watch movies in theatres. After the 'KGF' movies, 'mass' has become synonymous with stylization. The influence of Hollywood movies on our psyche is prominent.

Coming to 'Top Gear', cinematographer Sai Sriram is very experienced. The director's clarity of thought impressed him. Editor Prawin Pudi felt that 'Top Gear' is a very good subject. 'Arjun Reddy' fame Harshavardhan's BGM boosted our confidence. His work is exciting. There is just one song in the movie.

Mime Gopi is the main villain. Shatru, Satyam Rajesh and Brahmaji, among others, have key roles. I have got only a few scenes with heroine Riya Suman. She is a busy artist in Tamil.

The action design in 'Top Gear' has been done by Prudhvi. Akash Puri's 'Romantic' gave him the first break. He always designs the fights in tune with the story and the characterization. He doesn't opt for unnecessary heroic elevations. He has a clear perspective. He worked really hard! Most of the episodes were shot at night. We all needed to pull up our socks!

I am doing a web series for ZEE5. I am playing a different character in it. Lavanya Tripathi and others are doing it. It will be on a part with feature film standards. It's an 8-episode web series.

On the film front, producers/directors come to me with stories that are high on commercialism. Compared to the past, I am getting better opportunities now. I am next doing a film with Lucky Media. A newcomer is going to direct it. Other projects are being finalized.

My films have always had good technical standards. Even 'Sashi' became a hit on Amazon Prime Video. 'Garam' was a good actioner. 'Operation Gold Fish' worked with the Hindi audience. 'Crazy Fellow' became a hit on OTT. Just that, a day after its release, 'Kantara' was released on the same platform. The huge buzz around 'Kantara' overshadowed 'Crazy Fellow'. But those who have watched the movie found it very entertaining.

I like my father's 'Asalem Gurthukuradu' song from 'Antahpuram'. I want to do its remake!

Updated on December 27, 2022