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'Nachindi Girl Friendu' has got a surprise in every scene: Uday Shankar


'Nachindi Girl Friendu', starring Uday Shankar of 'Aatagadhara Shiva', 'MisMatch' and 'Kshana Kshanam' fame, has Jenifer Emmanuel as the heroine. Producer Atluri Narayan Rao and director Guru Pawan are gearing up for the movie's release this Friday (November 11). In this interview, Uday Shankar says that the film is a thriller with a love story thrown in.

Director Guru Pawan is my friend. After watching his debut movie 'Idhe Maa Katha', I told him he successfully narrated what he wanted to convey. I asked him to develop a story for me with thrilling elements in it. The premise of 'Nachindi Girl Friendu' was ready four years ago.

There is a social element concerning national security in the movie. As for my character, I am Rajaram, who falls in love with a girl (Jenifer Emmanuel). The hero-heroine duo is unaware of the fact that danger is looming large. How the hero tackles the crisis head-on will make for a gripping watch.

There is a smart app at the centre of our movie's plot. It pertains to the Indian military personnel storing confidential information meant for use by the higher-ups and decision-makers. And this app is installed in a smart watch. This has been under design in real life. The second half of our movie is going to be full of twists and turns.

The story of this movie takes place from sunrise to sunset - over a span of 12 hours. I will be seen in a single costume throughout the movie barring a song which was shot in Goa. It's a dream song. It's a glamorous song sans vulgarity. The choreography is going to be a highlight.

Nowadays, the audience are ready to accept small films if the content is good. 'Kantara', the Kannada movie, is a blockbuster in Telugu.

As an actor, I like action, thrills and humour. Oftentimes, I feel somewhat uncomfortable while doing romantic scenes.

I have done only novel movies so far. I look up to actors like Adivi Sesh and Ayusshman Khurrana from Bollywood.

On the day of the release of 'Nachindi Girl Friendu', 'Yashoda' is also going to be released in theatres. I wish the team of that film all the best.

I am next going to team up with a new director named Mohan. It will be launched for Sankranthi next year. It's a thriller with a romantic story.

Updated on November 9, 2022