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Sammathame is a breezy family entertainer: Kiran Abbavaram


'Sammathame', the June 24th release, will be released worldwide by Geetha Film Distribution. Actor Kiran Abbavaram is gung-ho about the movie. In this interview, he talks about teaming up with director Gopinath Reddy and actress Chandini Chowdary, what to expect from the movie, and more. Kiran also talks about his three upcoming releases this year.

I and my director Gopi have known each other since our short film days. We share our passion for cinema. We used to roam about the streets and eat together, and improved our knowledge of cinema together. Gopi takes time to pen a script. When I was doing 'SR Kalyanamandapam' and 'Raja Vaaru Rani Vaaru', he was busy writing 'Sammathame'. He wanted to make a family entertainer that is fresh and breezy at every turn.

The girl child/woman is the Maha Lakshmi of every family. You listen to this line right at the start of the trailer. The hero is told this line by his father during his childhood. That's why he becomes desperate to get married. What happens when a middle-class fellow falls in love sincerely is interesting to watch. The characterization of the male lead has got a new flavour.

It might sound cliched but the songs are superb. This is a musical story for which composer Sekhar Chandra has done full justice. The story and the very many situations demanded that the songs are rooted in the story. Not everything can be conveyed through dialogues. There are seven songs in the movie. We have withheld some of them because they have to be watched as part of the film. The opening song that dwells on the male protagonist's character is my favorite. KK garu has penned two songs. I also like the 'Bullet La' song.

Whatever had to be conveyed, we have already done through three songs, teaser, and trailer. We have made our point already. They are enough to pull the audience to theatres. The audience are now thrilled to watch the scenes between the lead pair.

I look massy even when I am playing a boy next door role. I don't look classy. This has been brought out very well by 'Sammathame'.

Owing to my social background, I always want my films to be family watches. I don't like vulgarity. Annapurnamma garu, Saptagiri and a lot of others are going to keep you hooked. 'Sammathama'e has got an ensemble cast. We have not revealed much about their characters. The film was shot in 75 locations without compromising on budget. The grandeur shows in the visuals.

'Sammathame' talks about being empathetic towards women's feelings. There are situations that middle-class parents and children can relate to. The climax has got a strong emotional drive. I hope everyone can relate to it.

We didn't expect a huge turnout in Vizag during promotions. Titles like 'Geetha Govindam' and 'Sammathame' strike a chord slowly with the audience. Once they love the content, the title acquires a different vibe altogether.

Director Gopi spent five months to zero in on the heroine. Since I was not a known hero before the release of 'SR Kalyanamandapam', he faced many rejections. He finally zeroed in on Chandini Chowdary. She is a Telugu girl and her facial features fully suit the character.

'Sebastian PC 524' was made at a time when I was going through a tough time on the personal front. My brother passed away during its making. There were financial issues. It was released after 'Bheemla Nayak' and before 'Radhe Shyam'. We knew that the time was wrong. But we had no other option. I am glad that those who are watching the movie on OTT are liking it. Nevertheless, I confess that we couldn't ensure a fine product.

I am doing multiple projects and I don't think the strategy is incorrect. My personal opinion is that heroes have to do multiple projects in a year. And just because I have more than one project on hand, it doesn't mean that I don't give enough time to each project. Fortunately, I have got to work with cooperative producers and directors. My upcoming three projects are going to be very strong in terms of content. All of them are out-and-out commercial entertainers. They are not love stories.

All three movies are going to hit the cinemas this year. 'Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsinavadini' will be released in August. Geetha Arts is planning to release 'Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha' in September. And my movie with Mythri Movie Makers will be released before December.

Updated on June 20, 2022