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Interview of Sree Vishnu about 'Raja Raja Chora'


'Raja Raja Chora' heads to the theatres on August 19. In this interview, Sree Vishnu talks about the film, working with director Hasith Goli, calling on Victory Venkatesh, his upcoming movies and more.

The humour in 'Raja Raja Chora' is born of the situations. The other day, I called on Victory Venkatesh garu and took his blessings. When the teaser was out, he was the first one to compliment me on my comic timing. Since the pandemic was at its peak, I couldn't meet him. During the promotions, I wanted to meet him when he was free. He wished the team all the best. He is my favourite. I always wanted to get an invite from him. The first time I met with him was after the release of 'Needi Naadi Oke Katha'.

Venkatesh garu asked me to do movies that click with the mass audience. I am doing a village-based film already. It's thanks to the media that I became familiar in the early stages of my career. The audience see me as an actor doing a variety of movies. Venkatesh garu, too, feels that I should try a variety of genres.

There is a Sid Sriram song in the movie. Usually, producers release his song in order to get the maximum mileage. But we haven't released his song from 'Raja Raja Chora' because we want the audience to listen to it in the movie. We have promoted the movie with sincerity. There has been no attempt to raise the audience's expectations needlessly.

Whatever I spoke at the pre-release event of my movie came from my heart. I had watched the movie before attending the event. The story-telling in 'Raja Raja Chora' is novel. I have played a petty thief in the movie. The first 10-15 minutes will introduce the characters played by me, Ravi Babu garu, Srikanth Iyengar garu and others. They are funny and engaging characters that will connect with the audience instantly.

A lot of my movies have been remade in other languages, such as Malayalam. I am sure 'Raja Raja Chora', too, will be remade in other languages. My character speaks a lot of lies in the movie, but he is endearing nevertheless.

Working with first-time directors is not easy. We have a greater sense of responsibility. You can't afford to be relaxed. Once I am sure that he can handle it well, I give him complete freedom. Watching him evolve on set gives me a lot of kick. My success rate with new directors has been great.

Coming to Megha Akash and Sunaina, they both are Telugu girls who have been doing Tamil movies more. After 'RRC', they will become more popular than ever.

The result of 'Gaali Sampath' was quite disappointing. It got a lot of things wrong. I think it shouldn't have been wrapped up and released so fast.

I am doing 'Arjuna Falguna' currently, whose talkie part is over. 'Bhala Thandanana' and a biopic of a cop are the other movies that I am doing. The cop film is not a regular cop story. Its screenplay is unique.  

Updated on August 18, 2021