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Teaser: Varun Sandesh's 'Nindha' is about crimes and moral choices


Why do we have to commit a wrong even when we are aware that it is not moral to do so? What compelling circumstances and inevitabilities inform our ethical choices? 'Nindha', a crime thriller with abstractions involved, is going to dwell upon some such philosophical questions and more. Its Teaser has been unveiled in the presence of the versatile Naveen Chandra.

Varun Sandesh headlines the up-and-coming crime drama whose saga unfolds in a sleepy village where musings and love stories converge. From young romantic couples to a corpse right in the middle of a field, 'Nindha' is about many things. The story is set in the backdrop of Kandrakota.

For the looks of it, the film's subject is not straightforward and dark for the sake of it. Everything has a reason for why it is the way it is.

The film also features Annie, Bhadram, Surya Kumar, 'Chatrapathi' Shekar, Mime Madhu, Siddharth Gollapudi, Arun Dalai, and Shreya Rani Reddy. Santhu Omkar and Ramiz Naveeth, respectively, have done the film's music and direction of photography. Anil Kumar (Editor), Kireetiraaj Musi (Production Designer), Sireesha Manikrishna, and Sriharsha Emani (Dialogue Writers) are associated with the project. Tanikella Bharani is playing a crucial part.