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Colossal guns in action dramas are becoming routine


'Harom Hara' hit theaters this week, but offers little in the way of originality. The film's plot, from the protagonist's rise from poverty to its stock characters, feels utterly predictable. What truly stretches credulity is the climax, resorting to an over-the-top action sequence featuring an excessive weapon (likely a machine gun) in an attempt to compensate for the film's lack of innovation.

The trend was begun by Karthi's 2019 film 'Kaithi' ('Khaidi' in Telugu). Director Lokesh Kanagaraj created a trend by doing that.

The overuse of the oversized gun has become tiring. "As a tool for action sequences in mainstream cinema, these oversized guns have become a cliche. It began with 'Kaithi' and 'Vikram' and later we had 'KGF 2', 'Jawan' (Hindi), 'Animal' and other films. In 'Bhagavanth Kesari', Balakrishna even joked about such a gun," mentions The Hindu in its review of 'Harom Hara'.

Too much is always tiring. Hope our filmmakers stop this machine gun fantasy.