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Daggubatis trusted Teja, Nandamuris trusted YVS Chowdary


Abhiram Daggubati made his acting debut with Teja's 'Ahimsa' in 2023. The film was a colossal dud. Its content was lousy. Its sensibilities were punishing. Despite hailing from the family of the Daggubatis, Abhiram failed to get a decent launch. Allying with Teja would have made sense in the 2000s. How come he was trusted after delivering flops in a row for years? D Suresh Babu should have prevented it from happening.

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, the son of Nandamuri Janaki Ram, is the latest Nandamuri hero in town. The Nandamuris, including Balakrishna, have trusted YVS Chowdary with wielding the megaphone for the youngster's maiden venture. So what, you ask? Just that YVS looks as out-of-form as Teja.

When was the last time YVS made a box-office hit? In 2006. 'Devadasu' was his last film that was worth a watch. This is not to say that YVS must be written off. May be, he is capable. May be, the failure of 'Rey' and 'Saleem' have taught him lessons and he is now roaring to prove his detractors wrong with good content. His passion for cinema remains strong.

But then, the Nandamuris should have trusted YVS with their family member's second film instead of the first film. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.