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Allu Arjun's fans defend 'fake YouTube views' allegation


It has been alleged that the makers of 'Pushpa 2' have resorted to fakery to jack up the YouTube views of the Teaser for 'Pushpa 2'. Apparently, the teaser had garnered 43 million views in the first 32 hours. It took just two more hours for the teaser to clock another 42 million views. During the two-hour period, the likes were a mere one lakh, while the likes in the first 32 hours were more than one million in number.

It has been alleged by a section of the media that the spike was orchestrated. However, those making the allegations could be wrong in this case.

As per an update by YouTube's social media handles, there was a technical glitch across the world and the same affected the reflection of real-time views on thousands of videos. "For those of you experiencing an issue with your real-time views data, don’t worry!! we’re working on a fix as we speak," the update says.

This glitch seems to have affected the Teaser for 'Pushpa 2'. For now, nobody knows the truth. Bunny's fans are using the YouTube update as a defence.