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Did Smita ask chatGPT what questions to ask Chiranjeevi?


'Nijam With Smita', the latest talk show in the town, has started streaming on SonyLIV. Megastar Chiranjeevi is its first guest.

Watching the nearly 48-minute episode, one gets the feeling that the questions were probably drawn from some chatbot. "ChatGPT, tell me what questions have been put to Chiranjeevi Sir most number of times in the last 30 years?" seems to have been Smita's question to the chatbot.

Questions are absolutely predictable and outright boring. They pertain to Chiranjeevi's struggle as an aspiring actor in Madras, why he quit politics despite his party securing 70 lakh votes in 2009, if he would like to make films like 'Rudraveena' and 'Swayam Krushi' now, etc. Answers to each of these questions are known even to kids.

"You and Charan danced together in 'Acharya'. Who do you think dominated?" was another laughable question. The question was asked just too many times during Acharya's promotions just last year. "Is the title Megastar a burden or a blessing?" was another question. TV anchors have been asking this question for two decades now. After a point, you just give up!