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Opinion: Animal's characteristics - Obscene, Vile, Yuck!


Art is the highest form of human expression. Willy nilly, morals have a relationship with art. Film institutes academically teach how to make a movie. However, how not to make a film is something that emerges from a filmmaker's own set of standards, moral rules and norms. The rationale is that moral values and art are as important as scientific discoveries in the process of man's evolution from a primitive style of living to modern, rules-based civilization. Behind the creation of art forms like cinema is a deep desire, intense quest, imagination, skill and emotional investment. When a filmmaker goes astray, there is no difference between an evolved man and an unevolved creature. 'Animal' makes you entertain such thoughts. A movie may rake in crores at the box office, but the commercial success doesn't absolve it of its excesses.

After watching 'Animal', we are drawn into the vortex of perverted thoughts and sex maniac mindset at least for a few moments unless we are very strong. Impressionable, weak minds and young children can't escape the abhorrent influence of a film like 'Animal'. Thinking it was a movie about the father-son relationship, an old man took his son to the movie. He found many scenes puke-worthy. Given his age and maturity, he had no fear of being negatively influenced by the film. However, men under the age of thirty, depressed people, people with mental health issues (maybe they don't even know about it) can't escape the psychological impact of the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer. A youngster might be motivated to brandish a licensed gun after watching the movie in the name of resisting an eve-teasing episode against his sister. He could procure a weapon on the dark web. In the US, gun culture is already rampant. Does this director want that situation to ensnare India? How did the CBFC allow the scandalous scene in the first place? Vulgarity and vileness reigned in this movie. How come nudity was allowed?

People may be attracted to crime and sex and could make the film a super hit. But that doesn't mean we ought to justify a wrong. A director may be technically competent, but merely mastering a subject does not make you ideal. Even extraordinarily intelligent people become moral dwarfs. The atomic bomb, which is a symbol of scientific knowledge, does not become a monument to our human race. Also, a movie that has a tremendous impact on society is like the atomic bomb. If not used properly, it will bring a situation where moral monuments should be built for our race. It seems Humanities must be taught as a teaching subject in film courses as well. If arts like music, literature, dance and cinema don't have a humane face and a heart in the right place, what is the point?

In a scene in this movie, Ranbir's character tries to remove Rashmika's top in front of their maid in the living room. This is animalistic nature. The director might argue that the film's title is 'Animal' for the reason that the protagonist's nature is like that. As far as our humanity is concerned, our thoughts arise from the environment around us, and manifests in the form of reactions and those reactions in turn influence our minds. There is no doubt about that. Some of the scenes reminded us of the cheap movies that came out in Malayalam in the past. Also, the hero dancing naked after recovering from a life-threatening ailment, his not giving up smoking despite his health condition... What do these indicate? The hero's actions should be extraordinary. The audience want it that way. But 'extraordinary' doesn't mean this. It is intolerable to talk problematically with female characters, affecting their dignity. Some people see such portrayal of aggressiveness as heroism. Certainly, some people think it should be like this. What happens because of such scenes and movies? Increased tendency of violence in the society, murders, suicides and incidents like the Nirbhaya rape will go up. The hero behaves as though sensual gratification is the highest virtue of human life and therefore all actions must be directed at fulfilling them. A real artist and a talented person doesn't do this. In the eyes of director Vanga, happiness and good behavior are not related to each other. In his opinion, happiness is the fruit of immorality. One thing the director should remember is that there is a big difference between nudity and glamour.

It can be argued that the movie has been given A certificate and therefore it is meant only for adults. But in our country, theaters hardly follow this rule. What can we do if 14-year-old children, who are just now looking at the world and adapting it in their own style, get inspired by this movie, store its impressions in their subconscious mind and exhibit such behaviour later in the form of violent actions? It doesn't matter if a film of this sort was made by a technically weak director and a nameless hero. Because it doesn't reach the masses. But that's not the case. When a Vanga and a Ranbir come up with terrible scenes, it cannot be forgiven. Because science, ethics and arts are not different. Only when these three converge, the meaning of the product becomes complete. Only then the person who consumes it will be inspired with new thoughts. No art can succeed without a moral vision. Especially movies like 'Animal' drag us down.

Let's not forget that art is the pinnacle of thought, passion, love and insight. In the words of Picasso, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life". Cinema is such an art form.