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'Pushpa 2': Why Srivalli will or will not be killed...


'Pushpa 2' is yet to go on the floors. Meanwhile, speculations about the second part are rife. Netizens have been making guesses about the nature of the Pushpa Raj-Bhanwar Singh Shekawath clash in the Sukumar directorial.

The latest rumour is that Srivalli, played by Rashmika Mandanna, gets killed by the opposing side, leaving Allu Arjun's character mighty enraged and devastated. But the plot point may or may not be infused by Sukumar for different reasons.

If Sukumar kills Srivalli, it must be with the intention of raising the emotional stakes in the second half of 'Pushpa 2'. In the first part, Pushpa Raj was shamed and labelled as a bastard by his opponents because there should be audience's sympathy for the smuggler-hero. In the second part, if the same idea is repeated, it will look repetitive. So, a fresh emotional upheaval must be introduced. Srivalli's murder could be that fresh event.

But if Srivalli is killed, Sukumar will risk criticism. Villains eliminating the heroine to take revenge on the hero is an outdated trope. 'KGF 2' used it to perfection despite the stale nature of the element, thanks to Prashanth Neel's extraordinary talent for mammoth mounting of scenes. If Sukumar manages to build a heavy-duty emotional scene around Srivalli's death, the audience might overlook the stale nature of the trope.

But the question is, is Sukumar thinking on such conventional lines at all?