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Lahari Shari becomes a don of Bigg Boss 5 with elan


Lahari Shari is turning out to be every bit of a team worker, a defender and a fighter — all rolled into one. She is giving her competitors RJ Kajal, Shwetha Varma, Siri Hanmanth and Hamida a tough time really!

With her smart moves and tact, Lahari is making the viewers take notice of her talent. Unlike Swetha Varma who seems like a raging bull charging against her opponents to get the batons as part of a game, Lahari is well aware of her strengths and knows exactly when to rise to the occasion.

In the 11th episode of Bigg Boss Season 5, we were witness to some serious fights between the teams 'Eagle' and 'Wolf'. It was nearly a pitched battle with some of them literally quivered with anger. Be it the fight between Sunny and Srimchandra, or the heated exchanges that Sunny made with other housemates, the show became spicier than ever before.

Meanwhile, a tussle is gradually brewing between the captains of both teams. Maanas from 'Wolf' and Sriram Chandra from 'Eagle' are at loggerheads  It all started while performing the two tasks namely 'Aagattunuttava Eegattukostava' and 'Dongalunnaru Jagrattha'. Maanas called Sriram an immature person while the latter labeled Maanas a kid. Upcoming episodes will get more curious as captaincy might change.

Netizens have been commenting on social media that every contestant in the Bigg Boss house is playing with his or her own identity card. For example, RJ Kajal from the day one has been identified as Kuthuru, thus trying to play the sympathy card. Anchor Ravi plays with a safe game card which is a friendship card, Jessie who is known for his child-like appearance, plays 'Amayakapu' card. Natraj Master plays Meka Puli card, Swetha Varma human and inhuman card, Shanmukh no-dialogue card, Uma Devi with ration card (that's Alu curry card).