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Well-promoted Dear Megha is a love story told from female protagonist's angle


'Dear Megha', headlined by Megha Akash, Arun Adith and Arjun Somayajula, will be released in theatres on September 3. Ahead of its release, the romantic drama has been promoted aggressively. It must be the only such Telugu film (belonging to the aforementioned genre) being promoted on a wide scale in years.

It's learned that the film tries to be different in terms of narrating its story from the viewpoint of its female lead. Megha Swaroop, played by Megha Akash, moons over a senior at the college. The story of the film spans several years.

Speaking to the media, Arun Adith says, "Most of the love stories are told from the male lead's perspective, how he woos his crush and wins her over. But what happens when it's the female who first falls in love? That's what 'Dear Megha' tries to show."

Talking about the title, he says that Megha Akash was not comfortable with it at first. She was a bit scared to shoulder the burden of a film being named after her real name as well as her character's name. "While the title is after the female protagonist's name, it's in fact a reference to how the male lead would address her," Arun Adith says.

Director A Sushanth Reddy is someone Arun Adith has known for 10 years. "He reads a lot of books and is well-versed in Telugu literature. Usually, he is into writing violent movies and thrillers. 'Dear Megha' doesn't belong to his kind of genre. He walked in the opposite direction for the movie," the actor reveals.

The young actor is upbeat about the optimistic nature of the character he has played in 'Dear Megha'. "In '24 Kisses', I played a dark character. In 'Dear Megha', it's a total contrast. My character is extremely positive and keeps smiling all the time. In the teaser, he says that life is about solving problems, not trying to run away from them. Those minute things are what make a character nice," the '11th Hour' and 'PSV Garuda Vega' actor adds.