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Sudheer Babu unveils Trailer for 'JA'


'JA' is touted to be a different horror thriller. Starring Prathap Raj and Himaja, its trailer was today unveiled by actor Sudheer babu. Also featuring Sudigali Sudheer, Getup Sreenu, Preethi Nigam, and Chatrapathi Shekhar, this one is being directed by Saidi Reddy Chittepu.

Speaking about the movie, Himaja said, "I accepted to do the movie because it gave me the scope for performance throughout." The director said that JA stands for either birth or death. "The rationale behind the title is strong. Our movie has got a profound subject," he added.

If the music is by Vengi, the film is produced by Kandukuri Govardhan Reddy of Jai Dirga Arts. If the cinematography is by Shiva Kumar G, the movie's editing is by Anandh Pawan.